Workplace Risk Prevention

Employee health and safety are essential values for Elecnor. In general, our Occupational Risk Prevention strategy is guided by the following principles of conduct:

  • Provision of the material resources necessary to contribute to safety.
  • Emphasis on accident prevention techniques.
  • Campaigns to raise awareness among all employees and managers.
  • On-going inspections and site audits, adopting corrective measures where necessary.

However, no corporate initiative can be successful without the full cooperation of all workers. Elecnor’s workers are asked to:

  • Perform their jobs in accordance with the rules, instructions and procedures established by the Company.
  • Correctly use the individual and collective protection equipment provided by the company.
  • Appropriately use the equipment, tools, vehicles and any other resource needed to perform their work.
  • Refrain from carrying out activities that pose a serious, imminent risk, and report such activities immediately to line managers, so that the latter can determine any needed risk mitigation measures.